Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's always something to do!

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have a women's organization called Relief Society. It's great! We learn so much together, and once a month we get together and just have fun! In March it was the R. S. Birthday, so we had a great dinner. We were also asked to bring a small gift that defined who we were. Well, quilting is my passion. I had been putting this 'farm' wall hanging together. It was still in blocks, so I put the blocks I had made together. It was supposed to have lambs and horses, etc., but this is what I had time to put together. I wasn't pleased with my quilting. It was 10PM at night and I had been up since 2 AM for work. I also embroidered the beaks on the chicks and geese.

The smallest project EVER put on this 14 ft. table. It was a fun night, the next night at R. S. We had gifts over a huge range of interests; from gardening, to crafts, to a tennis ball from a lady who loves tennis. We found out a little more about each other. Lots and lots of laughs and good food!

My wonderful sister in law sent me a baby quilt instruction book several years ago. This is one of the quilts in the book.

It's a fun and easy butterfly quilt made out of log cabin blocks.
I had finished picking out all of the fabric when I found the fabric for the last border, which is all butterflies, and brought in all of the colors I had picked for the quilt. I couldn't resist adding another border. I thought it pulled everything together really well. It also added size to the quilt, which I thought it needed.

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  1. I love the butterfly quilt. When I get a girl I would love one of these!