Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finishing up old projects.

When the dairy went away and I was a stay at home mom, for a little while, I started piecing quilts. I'd done a couple before, but REALLY got into it at this time. I told Stan that he could pick out any quilt that he wanted, and I would make it for him. This is the outer edge of the block.

This is the center of the block.

This is the ring that joins the outer edge and the center.

This is the completed block. Within that 11 inch square is 65 pieces! Needless to say, it takes a little while to do. Circular sewing is the most time consuming. All of these pieces have to be cut with sissors, not a mat and cutting wheel. Sometimes, to make it lay flat, you need to do a little more stitching to bring the folds in. I will post a picture of the finished quilt. I only have 6 blocks to go! When I first started pieces the blocks, it took 2.5 hours per block. I can now do one in an hour!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun kids quilts.

An easy way to do quilts for a lot less money is to buy a fabric that you like and add borders. No piecing intricate patterns. This is especially fun when you are doing kids quilts. My daughter in law, Heidi, chose this for two of her little girls.

I put colorful, matching, borders around and did a wavy stitch.

I was finally able to get a good picture of the stitching I did on quilt #13. I wish the colors would come out better. The big block is a light yellow with little white flowers. #13 is finished now and ready for the buyer.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where it all gets done.

This is my quilting machine. It is a Gammill on a 14 foot table. I am finally doing a job that I LOVE! I worked for 10 hours on Saturday and left with a smile on my face.

I have posted some pictures trying to show the quilting patterns I'm doing. They didn't show up very well. If you click on the pictures and enlarge them, you can see a bit better, but not what I hoped. I have a quilting shop, not a photography shop, the lightening needs to be different.

I thought this was a fun pattern.