Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WONDERFUL bias binding.

I learned an easy, FAST, way to cut bias binding and I thought I would share. The way the fabric is lined up here, it is open, with the selvage hanging down. You can do this on any size you have or need, the folding instructions are the same. You can even use fabric that doesn't have the selvage, just square it with the grain.

The FIRST FOLD is taking the selvage and folding it to the left hand edge of the fabric.

The SECOND FOLD is the opposite selvage meeting up with the first selvage edge you folded.

The THIRD FOLD is taking the fabric and folding it in half, edge to edge.

Move the fabric into a straight line.

The FOURTH FOLD, and last, is folding it in half again, end to end.

I love this particular cutting ruler, because it has slits to put your rotary cutter in, spaced every 1/2 inch. It makes it possible to cut multiple narrow strips without moving the ruler all the time, keeps the fabric flat and even.

Cut the folded edge off at the right hand side. Then cut the bias strips the width you like/need them. A lot of patterns call for a 3" bias for the binding. I like a 2 1/2" width better. This way of cutting bias is so quick and easy and uniform!

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  1. Thanks Deidra! Now I have my very own paper model with instructions just waiting for my next binding project. Perfect instructions.